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Over the years, I experimented a lot to achieve a good tone with basses and effects. I enjoy working with new artists and producers. If you would like me to contribute to your project, either remotely or in person, feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear about your music ! 



  • Apollo Twin X

  • Logic Pro X


  • Fender Roadworn Precision Bass

  • Fender Jazz Bass 1966 / MJT

  • Fender Mustang Bass 1968

  • Fender Mustang Bass JMJ Signature

  • Gibson EB-2D Semi-Hollow

  • Mike Lull PJ5

  • Upright bass (Solid Wood)

  • Moog Sub37 


  • Aguilar AG700

  • Bergantino NV115

  • Bergantino CN112


Too much - here's some favorites...

  • Preamps / EQ: Noble DI, Telefunken TDP-2, Arkham Oracle, Demeter Tube DI, Demeter BEQ

  • Compression: Origin Effects Cali76, Keeley Bassist, Union Lab

  • Octave: Boss OC2, ​3Leaf Audio Octabvre and Aguilar Octamizer.

  • Fuzz / OD: Amptweaker Bass Tight Fuzz, ​Hamstead Subspace, Xotic Bass BB PreampTech 21 VT Bass DI, 3Leaf Audio Doom 2

  • Filters: Moog MF-101, 3Leaf Audio Proton V4

  • Modulation: Walrus Audio Julia 

  • Others: Chase Bliss Mood, Walrus Audio Arp-87 and Fathom

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